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Fraňa Kráľa 1504, Čadca 
Ferdinand Čapka, Severín Ďuriš 
Ján Bahna, Ľubomír Mihálik 
Stavoprojekt Žlina, SFVU Bratislava 
1978 – 1981 
1980 – 1984 
J. Gavula, P. Choma, M. Mravec

Simple structure of a branch of the then Czechoslovak State's Bank (VUB Bank today) has been built to the design of F. Capka and S. Duris, while the interiors were designed by J. Bahna and L. Mihalik. Along with Ruzinov Shopping Centre, these were the interiors to become the most outstanding examples of Slovak post-modernism. The architects left their footprint in the entrance, in the lobby, in the receiver and currency exchange hall on the ground floor and in the lobby with the management and meeting rooms upstairs. Pseudo-historic elements with a post-modernist character can be found especially in the striking interiors of the ground floor with its ledge cross sections, massive pattern of glazed partitions of customer bays as well as in references to Hollein in the vaulted ceiling and the chessboard arrangement of seats in the main hall. Solid materials and a thorough workmanship reminded of traditional values in architecture, the plausibility of the bank institution being their aim.

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Rajmund Müller