Cimmermannová Gabriela


1934, Banská Bystrica - 2000, Bratislava

Gabriela Cimmermannová was born in Banská Bystrica, graduated at FASP in 1958. After graduation she started to work in Stavroprojekt in Žilina, and subsequently moved to Bratislava in 1963. At that time, she began to specialize in interior design. During her pratice in Žilina she was devoted to standardized objects and at the same time was designing the interiors in the buildings by her husband A. Cimmermann. In 1960 she became a member of the Union of Slovak Fine Artists and she started to occupy herself fully with interiors, exhibitions, design, works in SFVU Art Commissions. One of the most important designs is the interior of The Slovak Matica in Martin, the interiors of the House of Sorrow in Žilina, the interior of the Hotel Slovakia in Žilina, the interior of the House of Culture in Dolný Kubín (architect V. Mecková).