Titlová Lýdia

1935, Malužiná

Lýdia Titlová entered the architectural scene as a student when she won a competition at the ROH in Monkova Valley in the High Tatras with her classmates Soňa Kvasničková and Lumír Lýsek. The brisk concept of modern recreational facilities has also been brought to realization. Titlová created her most significant works during the 1970s, when she proposed a series of retails, shopping centers and administrative buildings for the Slovak Consumer Consortium. They were characterized by their dense compact spatial solution and expressive appearance that was enhanced by the rotation of the distinctive horizontal or vertical lines on facades. She was awarded the Prize of the Union of Slovak Architects in 1977 for the Bratislava headquarters of the association, which she proposed in cooperation with Lumír Lýsek.